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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Raven NevarFemale/Germany Group :iconbraythe: Braythe
4 new adopts available!
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Legendary Braythe for Myu-Hime :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 45 2 Legendary Braythe for Myu-Hime [WIP] :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 22 4 Braythe Adopts #001-#002 :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 26 21 Commission for Musicallyadopted :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 26 11 Thanks for 100 Watchers (Happy Easter)! :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 33 7 Irisu (art-trade) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 23 5 [OPEN AUCTION] - Bianca :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 26 14 Irisu (art-trade WIP) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 32 4 Velvet (Sketch) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 43 5 Strength and Dead Master (Scribble) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 20 2 Jumin Han :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 42 7 Jumin Han (WIP) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 24 5 Kisses To The Maniac :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 53 10 Yuuri (Sketch) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 10 9 Smile even brighter (Sketch) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 18 3 Smile (Sketch) :iconraven-heika:Raven-Heika 20 1


(f2u) pink ribbon bullet You would like to see your lovely OC or your awesome favorite Character in one of my fullbody drawings? bunny snuggle emoji 
(f2u) pink ribbon bullet If that's the case I'm looking forward to your comission <3

(f2u) pink ribbon bullet Don't be shy or afraid, just ask me to add a second person or special details. Kitty Emoji 1 Kitty Emoji 7 
brown heart bullet It's a honor for me to draw your precious Characterbrown heart bullet 
F2U BULLET | Kamimatsu / Godmatsu / White Matsu My Hip-Up are the best answer to your question for a simple but still kinda impressive drawing of the character you love.
F2U BULLET | Todomatsu / Pink Matsu Don't hold back if you are interested, you can never have enough images of a sugar cute person. .:Bunny kyaa:.      

F2U BULLET | Kamimatsu / Godmatsu / White Matsu If you got two characters who are cute as candy in your mind, just ask me with a kind note. .:Bunny note:. 
Heart divider I would love to see your lovely OC'sHeart divider 
Aqua heart bullet/emote If you can't get enough of your favorite Character's cute face it would be a honor for me to draw a quick and simple Bustshot of your  cutie.
Aqua heart bullet/emote Don't be afraid to ask because seeing your OC's smile will always brighten up ypur day.:bademoticon: 

Aqua heart bullet/emote Send me a note if there are any special whishes or more persons for one drawing in your mind. Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
(f2u) blue ribbon bullet I'm looking forward to it.(f2u) blue ribbon bullet 
Heart Emoji Bullet I would love to draw your precious OC or favorite character as one of my lovely Chibis. .:Bunny chuu:. 
Heart Emoji Bullet If you are interested, don't be afraid to aks me!

Heart Emoji Bullet  If you got any special wishes or you want more than one cutie in one drawing just send me a note.
Arrow left I promise, I don't biteArrow right kitty nuzzle emoji 


Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] !Hello friends!Lovely Shoujo (Heart for you) [V3] 

Maybe you already noticed my best friend Myu's ( and my new project, HUNTER TALES.
I want to introduce our new project and give you a few informations.

Tiny Skull Bullet f2u Hunter Tales is based and inspired by the (incredible awesome hug ) Nintendo game Monster Hunter Ultimate 4.

Tiny Skull Bullet f2u We are playing the game since some time now and we both noticed some funny moments and really pretty characters we want to share with you guys.

Tiny Skull Bullet f2u At the moment I'm working on little sketches to introduce all the characters:
HUNTER TALES: Little Miss Forge by Raven-Heika

This is the first one but the other characters will follow soon.

Tiny Skull Bullet f2u Myu is already busy with drawing cute and funny comics like that:
HUNTER TALES // Ep.01 by Myu-Hime
Check out my gallerie and Myu's page to see more.
If you like HUNTER TALES then leave me a comment.
Thank you for reading thisEnju Excited Icon 

Dessert Set: Heart Cookie - Right Raven Dessert Set: Heart Cookie - Left 


Raven-Heika's Profile Picture
Raven Nevar
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hey friends,
My Name is Raven, Raven Nevar and this is my DA page. Here I'll Show you my art, because drawing is my life.
I really hope you will enjoy my crazy life between pink and black like I do.
See ya


Legendary Braythe for Myu-Hime
little star "When silence between two people is comfortable, you know you have found love." little star 

I can finally upload the finished version! It took me long enough Bunny Emoji-73 (Wondering) [V4] 

Like I already said in the describtion of the WIP, this adorable cinnamon roll is a Braythe I created for my best buddy, .:Bunny cheek rubs:. 
That little girl is legendary and we both are already in love with her .:Bunny kyaa:. 

I'm really glad of how the shading of the legs came out, they look so shiny, I really love it. I failed by the hair, I know. I just never know how to do that shit right...
Leave me a comment if you like it Bunny Emoji-31 (See you later) [V2] 

pink star Raven

All about Braythe: F2U || Pink Computer Love 
Legendary Braythe for Myu-Hime [WIP]
Salmon heart bullet/emote "I hope you know that every time I tell you to get home safe , stay warm, have a good day, or sleep well what I am really saying is I love you. I love you so damn much that it is starting to steal other words meanings. You are the best friend I ever had and will ever have. Thank you." Salmon heart bullet/emote 

Another WIP friends!
It has been a while since I uploaded the last one and I'm still a bit unsure abut that one. Something isn't right ibn my eyes but I can't tell what... Bunny Emoji-09 (Cry) [V1] 

Anyways, I'm currently working on a legendary Braythe for my lovely sweetheart (check out her amazing art, she draws hot guys Onodera Blushing Icon )
I hope she is okay with me uploading this WIP and my design.... .:sorry bunny:. 

If you like it or maybe can tell me what is wrong with this WIP you can leave a commentbunny booty emoji 

Raven Salmon heart bullet/emote 

Heart Emoji Bullet Twitter: Heart Emoji Bullet 

Heart Emoji Bullet If you don't know what a Braythe is just look here: Heart Emoji Bullet 
Braythe Adopts #001-#002
Orange heart bullet/emote Guys and gurls,

I really was busy the last days and worked a lot because of those two cinnamon rolls. Bunny Emoji-31 (See you later) [V2] 

There is a lot to explain and I will write a new journal entry for all the really important information but for now It is just important to mention that the both of them are a part of a closed species called "Braythe". Braythe belongs to me and my dear friend (Pay her a visit, she is such a sweetheart.:Bunny cheek rubs:. ) and anything you want to know about our precious children you can find in ouir group:

I spend the last days designing the two to sell them (It hurts so much, I love them a lotbunny snuggle emoji ) PastelvSnow chose the colors of the gurly by the way and we brainstormed together about the lil boy. I'm really glad at how they turned out. bunny booty emoji 

If you are interested in my adopts or the Braythe species you have to look here:
x Please bid only in our group not here, okay? x 

I really hope you fall in love with those lovely babys just like I did .:Bunny love:. 

Orange heart bullet/emote See ya
Orange heart bullet/emote Raven rabbit heart emoji 

Arrow leftCheck out my twitter page friends: right 
Commission for Musicallyadopted
x Hey guys Bear Emoji-34 (Surprised) [V2] 

I had to draw the incredible adorable OC of… (check ou her adopts, they are more than awesome salmon heart bullet ).
I'm really busy at the moment so the colo and the lines are nor the best I ever did,
I'm so sorry for that... Bear Emoji-06 (Disappointed) [V1] 

I hope ya all like her anyway,
If you do so or want to tell me what to do better next time just leave a comment
x Raven bear heart emoji 

x Raven on Twitter: .:Bye bear 1:. 
Thanks for 100 Watchers (Happy Easter)!
Tiny Heart !Hola chicas y chicos!

I'm up with a little specialBunny Emoji-31 (See you later) [V2] .:Bunny in love: 

I wanted to thank you all so so much for all your kind words, the lovely comments and the many llamas you all gave me up to this point. Heart Emoji Bullet 
Watchers Bunny Emoji-12 (Yay) [V1] 

I know that is not that much, especially compared to other artists but I am more than happy and proud.
Thank you so so much for everything, I love reading your notes and thoughts.:Bunny love:. 

And because easter is comming dangerously fast now I decided to wrap everything up into a little eatser special.
I hope you all love easter Xander just as much as I do.:Bunny rubs:. 

See ya all later
Tiny Heart Raven.:Bunny chuu:.

[ Pixel ] tiny flower! Visit me on [ Pixel ] tiny flower! 

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